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Dear friends, welcome into INCASAMIA. This is an Italian house, full of story, objects and books!

I'm Elisabetta and this is my home and Maurizio's. Since we can't always live there, we decided to open it to many friends. Not just any tourists but people who likes to travel and want to always feel at home, always surrounded by nature. Our house was built in 1953, it is a traditional building, dark red, overlooking a small lake. Driving along the main road, in 4 km you arriving in Ljusdal, a small town in Helsingland, central Sweden. Everything is surrounded by woods, rich in mushrooms, yellow raspberries, blackcurrant and red lingom. It is a quiet place, but at 10 km you can practise: skiing or mountain biking, at 60 km there is the sea. Ljusdal is still a quiet place just like InCasaMia. We have furnished our house with so much passion and, since it is an indipendent private house, we ask you to respect the one from which you are surrounded and comply to a few simple rules:

A- You can use anything except the things marked with the PRIVATE card or the same writing on the inside shelves of the furniture. Do not use products or food stocks: you have your own space, which you can fill as you want.
B- InCasaMia is suitable for 4 people. You can stay up to 6 advising the owner, but no more.
C- InCasaMia is a no-smoking house: if you smoke externally, DO NOT disperse the cigarette butts in the nature.
D- Be careful to furniture, objects and furnishings.
We love our home and we are happy that you are our guest: relax, enjoy nature and take care of our home.

So you could say: I was InCasaMia in Sweden in Ljusdal.


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